Our fall 2021 campaign to settle Afghan refugees was winner. 

We provided $60,678 to New American Pathways to settle six families.  Thanks, Team!

For spring '22 we're averting homelessness at critical moments.

We're working with Partners for HOME to provide urgent care to 20-50 households at the brink of homelessness: rental assistance, down payments, temporary lodging -- customized solutions by a diversion specialist to help clients navigate their housing issues. We're hoping for donations of $25k (or more), and we will match up to $35k.  Read more.

It's one last chance to help us change lives. 

We have loved every Mundito campaign, but now Margaret and Richard find that it's time to move on. Let's go out with a bang, shall we?

Your donations now go directly to a partner nonprofit organization to support specific Team-Mundito projects. We will communicate with our donors via this website, email, and Facebook. 

You can learn about our previous incarnation as Mundito Foundation in the annual report for 2020.

Photo credits:  Partners for Home.  Used with permission.



Averting homelessness

Since 2007, Mundito has been changing lives of individuals who live with inadequate resources, public health care, or education. We have worked with a loyal team of faithful donors to augment our capacity.

We are a giving group that works with public charities.  Your donations to our partner nonprofits are tax-deductible. 

Mundito is the fun side of your charitable giving.  Because we band together into a giving group and generate big donations, we can ask nonprofits to carve out a project that belongs to us.  We, the group of people that is Team Mundito, can directly change lives of people who need a boost right now.


We're a flash mob with deep pockets.