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Homeless in Atlanta: our spring campaign   

Mundito is the fun side of your charitable giving.  By banding together into a giving group and writing big checks, we can ask nonprofits to carve out a project that belongs to us.  We, the group of people that is Team Mundito, can directly change lives of people who need a boost right now.

We are a 501(c)(3) private foundation; all donations are tax-deductible. Our minimal overhead expenses, which include no salaries, are covered by the Founding Directors' donations.

Mundito Foundation seeks to change lives of individuals who live with inadequate resources, public health care, or education. Each year, we ask a few nonprofit organizations to propose projects that are consistent with our mission. We actively solicit donations from our team of faithful donors to augment our capacity.


Photos above are courtesy Chris 180 (center) and Nicholas House.  Used with permission.




Helping to rebuild lives ​-- it's Mundito's 25th campaign!

It's a wrap.  We're delighted and stunned by the generous response to our spring project with Chris 180 and Nicholas House.  Thanks to your generous support, we have granted $29.5k to each organization, $4.5k above our target.  Team Mundito rocks it again!