Timely assistance to deserving families  

New American Pathways is on the front lines of the massive effort to resettle evacuees from Afghanistan. For many of the urgent cases, refugee status is still pending, and federal subsidies are not as plentiful. Donations are just over $20k as of 11/21, and we have matched with $25k. Thanks to your enthusiastic support, we are now aiming to cover three months of living expenses for FIVE families ($50,000): rent subsidies, food, medications, basic needs, and other vital supports. Or can we do even more? In your court, Team Mundito!

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Mundito Foundation is no more. Long live Team Mundito!

Your donations will now go directly to a partner nonprofit organization to support specific Team-Mundito projects. We will communicate with our donors via this website, email, and Facebook. Our first project as Team Mundito is launching soon.

You can learn about Mundito Foundation's accomplishments in the annual report for 2020.

Photo credits:  New American Pathways.  Used with permission.




Mundito is the fun side of your charitable giving.  Because we band together into a giving group and generate big donations, we can ask nonprofits to carve out a project that belongs to us.  We, the group of people that is Team Mundito, can directly change lives of people who need a boost right now.

Team Mundito seeks to change lives of individuals who live with inadequate resources, public health care, or education. Each year, we ask a couple of nonprofit organizations to propose projects that are consistent with our mission. We actively solicit donations from our team of faithful donors to augment our capacity.


settling afghan refugees


We are a giving group that works with public charities.  Your donations to our partner nonprofits are tax-deductible. 

If you're not yet on our mailing list, we'd love to add you to the team. We'll notify you of upcoming campaigns and events.

We're a flash mob with deep pockets.