WE IDENTIFY EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS that provide people a boost toward a better life.

We ask a few nonprofit organizations to propose projects that are consistent with our mission.  We actively solicit donations from our team of faithful donors to augment our capacity.

We do not accept unsolicited proposals.

Over the period 2007-2021, we operated as Mundito Foundation. As of mid-2021, we have closed Mundito Foundation and have evolved to a giving group.

about Team mundito


Team Mundito seeks to change lives of individuals who live with inadequate resources,

public health care, or education.


Specific- Our nonprofit partners identify specific problems that our giving group can solve.
Efficient- Your donations pay no fundraising or administrative overhead to Mundito Foundation, and we work only with organizations that we judge efficient and effective in achieving their goals.
Changing lives - We choose projects that have a large impact on small groups of individuals.

We are a giving group that funnels donations directly to our partner nonprofits. Our minimal overhead expenses are covered by our founders Margaret Graff and Richard Higgins. 

Donations are now made directly to our partner nonprofits. Your entire donation will be directed to the designated project and is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.