They worked in support of the US forces in Afghanistan.

Those activities put them at high risk when US forces evacuated.

They left quickly -- but their refugee status is still pending.

They're in the Atlanta area, with minimal resources.

New American Pathways is their lifeline.

Team Mundito is going to settle four (or more?) deserving families.

​We’re counting on donations of $20,000.
With our* $20,000 match, we will together be providing the $40,000 support necessary for four families.
But if Team Mundito responds with its customary enthusiasm, we will happily match $30,000 of donations to support six families or up to $40,000 to support eight families.
Let’s do this, friends!

We're not sure how many of Mundito Foundation's faithful donors will follow us to our new format as Team Mundito, with donations made directly to our partner nonprofits, so we're setting our initial goal for donations at the very modest level of $20,000. It's our secret hope that we can raise $30,000 or even $40,000 for this campaign. We stand ready to match you if you get us there!

*The matching donations come from Margaret and Richard.

For questions, contact us at

New American Pathways is on the front lines of the massive effort to resettle evacuees from Afghanistan. For many of the urgent cases, refugee status is still pending, and federal subsidies are not as plentiful. We will be covering three months of living expenses for four families ($40,000): rent subsidies, food, medications, basic needs, and other vital supports. (Or can we do even more?)  ​​

Timely assistance to deserving families

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Here's how you can help.

The button below will take you to the Team Mundito page

at New American Pathways.

Or you can mail a check to:

New American Pathways

Attn:  Team Mundito

2300 Henderson Mill Road, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA  30345

This address will work for your donor-advised fund as well.  Please be sure to specify TEAM MUNDITO in your grant recommendation.