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internet access for low-income families

Spring 2018: connected

Timely assistance to the working poor can prevent a family’s descent into homelessness.  With the help of Midtown Assistance Center (MAC), we’ve identified a Mundito-sized project that will yield results.

In low-income households, money must first go toward food, shelter, and utilities. But in today’s world, access to the Internet has become a basic need as well:

  • Even entry-level jobs require computer literacy. Jobs are listed online. More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies today, including Best Buy, Walmart and Target, require online job applications, and 50% of today’s jobs require technology skills.
  • Almost all K-12 teachers assign homework that requires the Internet.  With Internet access, children have online resources to help them with research projects and advanced courses.
  • Most teachers communicate exclusively by electronic means, putting families without working phones or Internet at a disadvantage. Students may have to travel to complete assignments or may miss assignments altogether, which will cause them to fall behind in their studies. Parents need the Internet to communicate with teachers and be aware of their children’s assignments. 

Eligibility is determined by participation in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), and almost all children of MAC households are NSLP recipients.

We’re going to help MAC solve the connection problem for one hundred low-income families. We’re targeting a grant of $34,000 to help MAC launch a Technology Assistance Program by providing devices and Internet access.  We’ll be counting on you, our generous donors, to cover $17,000 of the cost. As always, if your donations exceed our target, the additional funds are used to increase the total grant to MAC and provide internet access to more families.

Here's how you can help:

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