meet mundito

Margaret Graff was educated at DePaul University (BS in Physics) and University of Oregon (MS PhD in Physics).  Following six years in academic physics, she moved to financial planning (CFP CAP ChFC CLU APMA) and now has a private practice with Ampere Wealth Management, a private wealth advisory service of Ameriprise Financial. 


Mundito Foundation was established by Richard Higgins and Margaret Graff in 2007 to amplify their charitable giving potential and share the fun with their friends. In 2021 we closed Mundito Foundation and converted to a giving group, Team Mundito, for two additional projects.  The Mundito spirit lives on in our continuing philanthropic work.

Richard Higgins was educated at MIT (BS in Metallurgy) and Northwestern University (PhD in Materials Science).  His career was spent at University of Oregon (Professor of Physics) and Georgia Tech (Professor of Electrical Engineering, Director of Microelectronics Research Center).  Now retired, his activities focus on philanthropy and due diligence, evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of potential partner organizations working around Atlanta and around the world.

Directors Emeritus of Mundito Foundation

 John Adamski Catholic Priest, retired

 Anne Emanuel College of Law, Georgia State University, retired

 Lynn Fountain ​Georgia Tech Research Institute

 Mike Gardner SunTrust, retired

 David Gittelman Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, retired

 Brent Huff Invest Financial, retired

 Steve Landuyt Valuedynamx

 Tom Murphy College of St Rose 
 Amalia Stephens Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

 Peter Vantine Georgia Institute of Technology, retired

 Lynn Watson-Powers historian, self-employed